These observations are from an email I wrote the morning after I arrived … after the sun had come up and I had looked around a bit more.  On the 7th floor you see quite a bit.

1. cleaner than I thought it would be …. but not our kind of clean
2. loved the novelty of passing a herd of goats on the side of a major interstate .. not the mention the hanging carcasses next to them for purchase also
3. men everywhere looking to do all your work for you .. in exchange for Beesheek (tips) 
4. Satellite dishes … everywhere .. it’s kinda odd looking
5. These people LOVE kids and are very kind
6.  Does it feel dangerous?  Not today 🙂  It sunny and beautiful
7.  Not very colorful .. but they have these trees that bloom with bright orange flowers … Bright orange spots on a canvas of beige
8.  More trees (in general) than I expected.
 — more to come  when I actually leave the hotel. 🙂
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