Walk like an Egyptian ….

I did it! I mastered the maze that is Cairo!

Ok .. realistically, I walked a half mile. … But to be fair … that half mile had more twists and turns and crazy drivers that you will ever see in the states.

David had to go back to the Embassy this morning …. I needed to bring some paperwork to the kids new school.  The dilemma was this: Do I call for a driver or do I walk the half mile?  I chose the latter.  Mostly because it was only a half mile … I mean really.

God bless the iphone.  I mapped out my course of action.  I headed downstairs and double checked with the desk clerk to confirm which direction Road 84 was.  We agreed .. it was towards the right.  You see — street signs are few and far between here.  I have found it is easier to look at the big houses — they usually have a sign on the gate that tells the address — this way you know what street you are on.  So anyway,  I turn right out of the building.  I walk to the corner.  I look both ways — cause thats what American’s do when they have to cross the street, but then I decide to go left instead of crossing.  I walk a ways and check the phone — DANG — my little blue blip is off course.  I decide to make the block and go the opposite direction to get back on track … Ok … blue blip is back on track.  So .. we walk a ways .. the kids were with me.  Then we get to Port Saed Road … Ok … still on track.  Then we hit the railroad track.  I had heard about the railroad tracks.  They are kind-of a landmark people work off of.  Like — which side of the tracks do you live on? (ha) Oh, you have to cross the tracks to get there.  Stuff like that.  So anyway ..we are at the tracks.  This a defining moment.  You see … It feels like 25 streets merge together and cross over one another here. In reality it is more like 5 … but when there are no sidewalks … no crosswalks …no traffic laws … It can be intimidating to cross this area and I needed to get to the other side.  Defining moment.  To cross or turn back. Krista, think about your children!  I watch other people cross for a while .. I take in the lay of the land … I figure out a plan!  We will do it! We will walk like Egyptians!!  So .. I tell the kids how important it is to stay with me (I only have two hands after all) .. how they must move quickly .. and things like — “if your flipflop falls off your foot, LEAVE IT and KEEP GOING!”  So ..We did it!!!!  I was proud.  I feel like I have had an authentic Egyptian experience.  HA!  After that is was smooth sailing.  We made it to the school and had the luxury of cooling off in the A/C a bit before we had to head back.  And you know what … the trip back was super easy ..we knew where to go, we knew what to do .. and we even had a small conversation with an Egyptian police officer.  He wasn’t carrying a gun — So, I decided I could be polite.  He helped us across the tracks the second time. šŸ™‚

So, that was my big adventure for today!!  It’s only 11:30 in the morning … so much more awaits. šŸ™‚

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