They deliver here.  They deliver anything and everything.  These dudes ride around on motorcycles with little boxes on the back and they deliver all over the place.  They deliver groceries and food and whatever you can thing of .. so I’ve heard.

Otlob.com  It’s a website (obviously), that lets you order food.  There are a zillion restaurants to choose from.  We decided last night would be a great time to give it a try.  So .. I registered.  The kids wanted McDonalds (yep ..we bring them to Egypt and they want McD’s, whatever).  So … I place the order.  Three happy meals and a double quarter pounder with cheese meal (cause Josh is a bottomless pit) and I click “order” and it confirms …. YAY! … says it will be here in like 30 minutes or something … Whoo HOO!!  Now for the grown-ups.  David hops on the computer and finds some Kofta and Shwawerma and Hawawshi.   It’s good stuff people!  He places the order.  It confirms. YAY again!  So ….we wait.  And we wait.  And we wait.  Hummmm.  I’m thinking it’s about time that the kids food should be arriving.  I’m bored.  I check my emails.  I have an email confirming the order of mine and D’s food, but not an email for the kids food.  uh oh.  They are gonna be seriously peeved …. and it’s already 8pm …. oh great, my evening just went to pot.  So … I check on the otlob website to see what went wrong.  I pull up the order … the notice reads: “Your order was canceled due to the fact that we could not contact you with the information you provided.”  What?  I read on.  Basically, on your first order they call you, I guess to make sure you are a real person, before they will place the order.  I checked my contact info … Yep …. I’m that girl …. the one who missed a digit when entering her phone number … it was wrong.  Dang.  But wait … mine and D’s order went through … Says it will be another 15 min. before it arrives.  What?  Apparently the call back rule only applies to the (literally) first order.  David ordered ours second …. guess we were grandfathered in? HA.  Who knows.

I fed the kids Ramen.  Garrett had passed out waiting for his food and Hailey feel asleep waiting for the Ramen.  Josh stood by counting the minutes till it was ready cause he was STARVING … all the while expressing his disappointment over the lack of McDonalds in his life …. yes, his life is unbearable … just ask him.  Alyssa sat at the table silently expressing (with her typical bummed out face) her disapointment. They ate and went to bed.  … Ugh .. I’m glad thats over.  I promised we would try again the next day.

David and I enjoyed hot, yummy sandwiches.  (so wrong, but I’m okay with that) By this time it was about 9pm.  We sat on the balcony and watched all the happenings on the street.  Things get lively here in the evenings.  It was nice.

So, what’s the moral of the story.  I don’t know …. Always double check your orders?  What I do know is me and Mr. Otlob are going to be very good friends. 🙂

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  1. This is now Chris's new business idea.

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