show me the MONEY!!!!

Remember that movie?  Of course you do.  Jerry McGuire.  Anyway.

Raise your hand if you are currently in the US!  YOU!  I have a question for you.  Do you have any cash?  Right now.  How much?  If somebody had asked me those questions 2 weeks ago, my answer would have been .. huh, what?  cash…like green money?  Oh .. I didn’t realize they still made that stuff … Hold on, I think my kids might have some.  Yep … $7.

 In the states, you can go days and days without cash on hand. EVERYBODY takes plastic.  And, lets be honest, those people/ businesses who don’t … they are probably all tax evaders. (or maybe 15 yr old babysitters — but they don’t count — we need them.)  I try not to support those tax evaders. Mostly because I have yet to figure out a way to evade taxes myself … it’s not a moral conviction — just jealousy.  Ok,Ok — I did support Randy’s sandwich shop in Monterey, but that’s different — those chicken salad sandwiches brought me joy….acutal joy.

It’s the opposite here.  A few places take plastic, but mostly you need cash.  It’s so frustrating.  I need that online bank account to track my spending — cash doesn’t work well with online banking.  I’m having a terrible time figuring out what we have and where it is and where it went and what is left.  AHHHH!!  I’m too type A for cash. What will I do?  I haven’t figured that out yet.  Boo.

I will say that cash does last a long time here.  We exchanged $250 when we got here.  That’s equal to around 1,450LE.  Yep … thats a serious wad of cash peeps.  Makes for one fat wallet.  HA.  The bills are in the same increments here …. 100’s, 50’s, 10’s, 5’s … 1 pound is a coin. I have learned that we need to carry more small bills for tips and things … and people like exact change here.  But … we are still living off that same $250.  We have used a card to eat out twice and once at the commissary.  Everything else has been cash.

Have I mentioned things are different here? đŸ™‚  I’m having a blast!

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One thought on “show me the MONEY!!!!

  1. Tracking…..I'm thinking maybe it's the perfect time to do Bill Ramsey? On a side note….Here's to livin' large!

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