We lived … comfortably

You may have already seen the pics of Garrett and Hailey on facebook drinking the street juice.  (We now refer to these little baggies of juice as Egyptian juice pouches.)

I’ll start from the beginning.  Yesterday morning we all had to go to the Embassy for the newcomers brief.  We rode the Metro .. yes, that was an experience and another blog post.  The meeting went long … like an hour long … on an already 2 1/2 hour meeting.  Anyhoo .. the kids were really good the whole time.  We decided they deserved a little treat.  So around 2 that afternoon he headed down to 9th street to get some ice cream from  …… wait for it ……. Baskin Robins.  Ha.  Yep, in Egypt.  So … as we walk leisurely down the road we come across this little cart that has four big silver drink dispenser things on it.


We are all wondering what it is.  Is it coffee? Is it tea? … those were my guesses.  I quietly ask D what he thinks it is … and of course …. he sees this as an opportunity to use his mad Arabic skilz.  So .. he asks the guy by the cart what it is.  After some conversation that I don’t understand, this guy offers D a taste .. from the glass he’s drinking from. So .. My germ-a-phobe husband takes a sip from a cup that belongs to a random dude on the street.  Ok..  this is disturbing enough, but then the guy starts handing my kids little bags of juice … yeah .. no one asks me.  I kinda thought he’d give us one bag and they could all take a taste and we’d call it good.  No. Nope.  He gave them each their own.  He offered me one, but I just took a sip of Haileys …. OH SNAP!!  This stuff was straight up sugar with a shot of fruit for flavor.  Here is where I begin to see visions of kids with diarrhea and stomach cramps all night … A wave of nausea hits me and I realize I might not sleep for the next 24 hours.  Great.  I mean .. it’s bad enough that the juice dispensers probably haven’t been cleaned … ever …. or that they are drinking from a plastic bag and straw that was NOT wrapped in that little white paper.  To add to all the possible germs … they are drinking straight sugar.   ………. So, after some smiles and thank yous we pay the little guy 5 pounds and we go on our way. …….  Alyssa, Hailey, & Josh all immediately tell us that they can’t drink anymore cause it’s too sweet.  Relief!  Hopefully a few sips won’t kill them.  Wait! No!  Garrett has all the bags in his hand.  He’s holding on for dear life.  He LOVES the stuff!  I try to convince him to just drink one bag … nope. People, He drank 4 bags of that stuff.  I held back the panic …. but it was there …


We got back … we ate dinner …we had baths .. they went to bed.  I had my game plan ….. I knew it could  begin at any minute … you know what I’m talking about.  I had a couple extra towels out and figured I’d be washing clothes in the middle of the night.  I resigned myself to my fate.

But …. I was spared!!!!  I’m doing the happy dance!  Everybody slept all night and woke up totally fine today.  YAY!!!!

So …. we lived … comfortably ….. through our first “consuming food/drink off the street” experience. 

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