Khan el Khalili

Google it.  This place is the mecca of stuff.  Oh My!  Imagine Cost Plus/ World Market on crack.  Yep … and this stuff is the real deal.   You can get anything and everything at the Khan.  I was in heaven!  Loved every minute of it and could spend days and days exploring the place.  Next time I go, I will bring my “big” camera and take “real” pics.  
 Google tells me this place was built in 1382.  Dang .. thats old.  It’s described as a “labyrinth” and “maze” … I agree with both.  Had we not been guided around by our fab sponsors .. I would still be looking for the car. 
I was smitten with the light fixtures, and I have some very special purchases in mind. 
Today I got a silver pendant.  It’s a hand .. with an eye .. it’s colorful … sounds weird, I know .. don’t use your imagination .. you’re gonna get it all wrong … but, I promise, when Jew (my sis) gets here and makes it into an awesome piece of jewelry you are all going to be jealous.  I’ll post pics to confirm your jealousy.
For all you Louisiana peeps out there … We found (drum roll please) BOUDIN!!!  Sorta.  We are calling it Egyptian boudin.  No idea what it’s actually called, but you can see from the pic it looks pretty dang close to our boudin.  It has rice and a little bit of meat .. I think the main difference was that it tasted like it had some kind of tomato base in it … like a tomato sauce or something.  It was a tiny bit spicy.  It was good.  Ours is better .. but this was good.  Oh ..and they serve it with bread.  
Thanks to my fab sponsors for yet another successful Egyptian adventure!!!
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