Oh Egypt …

So, the good news is we got a house. I love it. It’s spacious. It has a yard (a rarity around here). My housekeeper started this past Monday. She comes three days a week. I love her. She’s great with the kids and fusses at me when I do the laundry (which makes me love her a little more). The gardner is very nice. The yard is immaculate and very well kept. The boab (kinda like a doorman) …. I haven’t decided if I like him. So .. We are happily living in our new house and enjoying all the “help” Egypt has to offer. But, the bad news. Egypt is presenting us with some challenges. For starters … We still don’t have Internet in our house. It will take approximately 15 days … Inshallah. I asked if we could get it any faster. The response … “Inshallah.”. This is a nice way of saying “hopefully”. Inshallah means “God willing”. Yes … They are giving their service department to God. Ok. David is going tonight to see if we can speed things along. Along with the Internet issue I am wondering what kind of issues we will be presented with in the coming week. Egypt votes in a new president next week. Hopefully things will remain peaceful. If you’re wondering … We don’t have our household goods yet … But hopefully we will have them in the next couple weeks. Everything is sitting in Egypt … Waiting for it all to be cleared by customs and whoever else wants to pilfer through it. All in all, Egypt is making me happy. I like it. I like that … Right now, I am sitting by a pool, using free wifi, knowing that my floors will be mopped, my kitchen will sparkle, my laundry will be folded, and all the beds will have clean sheets when I get home. I like that the Americans and the Egyptians are all very friendly and welcoming. I like tht David is home most of the time. I like that my kids already have tons of friends. ….. Not to bad for Africa, huh. I’ll post pics soon ….. Inshallah. 😉

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