All Settled In …

Whew … that was a long, slightly complicated adventure.  We were supposed to arrive in Egypt and move right into the house.  Our fabulous sponsor was going to have the internet all set up for us.  I sent our HHG shipment (aka — our stuff) out a solid month early … so it was supposed to be in Egypt when we got here.  You see how my perfect plan was going to unfold ….. 1)we arrive at our doorstep … 2)connect to the internet and announce our arrival … 3)get a good nights rest .. 4)prepare for our HHG to be delivered that week …. 5)set up the house … 6)live happily ever after.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  But!  Lesson learned …. Egypt wins every time, so just learn to go with the flow.  Which, I did.

Things worked out just fine.  The hotel we landed in had three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Can’t complain about that.  My fabulous sponsor had a wifi internet stick all set up and ready for us to connect with.  We did get a good nights rest.  We had a couple weeks to overcome jet lag and watch the street people below our balcony. 🙂  Everything worked out

Fast forward one month …. We are in the house, we got the internet all connected, we got our stuff delivered, we got our stuff put away.  Julia’s here!  My housekeeper, Rere, she is my favorite person in all of Egypt. Ha!  Really, she’s awesome and keeps this huge house spotless and does the laundry, and cooks!  The gardener keeps the yard spotless.  The Boab is growing on me .. he might be a little more likable than I first thought.  Egypt is treating me very well.

So far, we have gone on a felucca ride on the Nile, been to City Stars mall, seen the Gold Island in the middle of the Nile, been to the Khan a couple times, seen Tahrir Square, seen the Pyramids and the Sphinx, walked our way through part of the massive Egyptian Museum (that place is huge).  We have a BBQ planed for Friday and a tour of Saqqara and Memphis on Saturday!

So … we’ve done all that and the thing I’m feeling most proud these days is my new found ability to ride a taxi cab.  Just sayin’

Life in Egypt is good.

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