Tuesdays with Rere …

Did you know we have a boab?  Yep,  I strongly dislike him these days.  He is rude.  He gives people dirty looks.  He wants more money from me.  Ugh.  What’s a boab?  Think — “doorman” — minus the revolving glass doors and suit.   They provide security (kinda).  They unload your groceries (mine doesn’t but he should).  They wash your car (our car isn’t here yet).  Since we have a porch, he’s supposed to wash it (he doesn’t unless we hunt him down and ask him to.)   Yep, I strongly dislike him … yet,  we paid him exactly what he asked …. and he has some nerve … cause he came back to ask for more.  Did I mention I dislike him …strongly.

We also have a gardener.  This is pretty self explanatory.  He comes everyday and sweeps up the path around our house.  He keeps all the plants and grass very happy.  This is a tough job in the desert.  I like him.  He is nice.
Lastly, but certainly not leastly … we have Rere (pronounced with long “e” sounds).  Rere is my housekeeper.  She comes three … yep, THREE … days a week.  People, I feel like God is rewarding me for homeschooling my kids faithfully the last three years.  Seriously — Can I hear an “Amen.”  Rere gets more of my housework done in a six hours day that I ever got done in a week.  People, she puts the laundry away — like in the drawers.  It’s a beautiful thing!  My bathrooms gleam.  The floors are gritless.  She irons!  She makes all the beds.  She changes the sheets once a week( — don’t lie — ya’ll know you only change your sheets when YOU think they’re dirty).  Did I mention my kitchen is fantastically fresh and clean all the time? – it is.  She loves the kids! -this is a big plus!  The list goes on …. but, I will mention,  she also goes in town and buys all my produce from the local markets … then she brings it all home to me and washes it … and puts it away … and cooks me a delicious dinner.  I send her out because she gets the “Egyptian price” — I get the “Blond, white, american price.”  
This is a small sampling of what she picked up today.  The fruit here is great.  It’s all local.  The bread in the top left corner — Straight from the bakery!  Yum!  It’s called Baladi Bread.  It looks like pita bread but tastes much less like cardboard.  
Imagine sitting at your dining room table ….. You’re eating a hot, delicious dinner with your lovely little (or big – whichever applies) family.  You are eating a home cooked meal.  You’re smiling, You’re laughing, You’re loving life.   Why are you so happy?  Because — YOU didn’t make the meal.  YOU didn’t clean the kitchen. YOU only have to rinse the dishes you are currently eating off of and your night is over!  Can I hear another “AMEN!”
The menu was:
Lenitl Soup 
Babaganook with bread Baladi
Green Salad
It was seriously delicious too.  I know delicious, because I grew up in south Louisiana.  Just sayin’.

I know you’re dying to ask.  Go ahead. 
“Krista, if you have all these people to help you all day, what are you doing with your time?”
 My short answer – 
Maybe I’ll take up tennis or something.
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2 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Rere …

  1. Forget tennis. You'd have to sweat and your hair would get all mussed. Have I not taught you anything?

  2. Krista,I just found your blog. Thanks for sharing all your adventures in Egypt! You are such a great writer! Your kids will get a kick out of reading this someday. 🙂

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