Miz Klista

A conversation I have frequently.  Costa Coffee delivers.  I call and this is what happens.  I just had to make a record of this. 

…the Arab guys who answer are usually really happy and excited sounding .. its funny

Costa: Costa Cou-ffee

Me: Delivery please

C: Please may you wait while I transfer to our language department. (roll the “r” there)

M: yes

C:  Ello Miz Klista,   Welcome to Costa Cou-ffee.  How-l can I service you today?

M:  Delivery please

C: Ov-f Course (roll “r”), Miz Klista, May I check your ad-res?  (he states address which I will not write on blog for  security purposes)

M:  Yes

C:  Vedy Good.  How can I help you?

M:  Mooooccccchhhhhhaaaaa Cooooolllllleeeeerrrr   (said very slowly and extremely enunciated)

C: Moo-ka?

M:  No, Mooooocccccchhhhaaaa Cooooollllleeeeerrr

C: Mooooocccccchhhhaaaa Cooooollllleeeeerrr?

M: Yes

C:  What size will you pleasure?

M:  Large

C:  Massimo

M:  Yes

C:  Miz Klista, Can I  interest you in any of our delicious sweet treats this eve-ning?  A delicious chocolate cake perhaps?

M:  No thank you. 🙂

C:  As you wish Miz Klista,  Your order will be thir-dy five LE and delivery in thir-dy minutes.

M:  Shukran.

C: Afwan


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