Rules are for pansies ….

Who needs rules?  A little common sense goes a long way.

Meet Heather.   Formerly known as the “Fab Sponsor” known as “Friend.” (yep, I just pulled the sappy card).  Heather is awesome and you can read all about her and her adorable kids and their life in Cairo on her blog. 

Ok, back to the point.  Rules.  So, Heather and her lovely family left yesterday for a 5 week vacation in the States.  I currently have possession of her car.  YEP!!!!  I’ve been driving in Egypt!!!  Bring it!!!

Who needs rules?  Not these people.  So, how do you drive in a city of 8 million people with no rules.  Just use your common sense.  Here is what I’ve figured out so far. 

1. That old beat up car doesn’t care  …. give it some space.
2.  That big truck full of dirt with a dude riding on top is not going to speed up even though he is in the middle of the road … go around  (on the right or left) as soon as you can fit
3.  The honking means nothing …it’s just a way to say Hi to everybody you pass.
4.  Swerve in a snake like pattern to claim your road space.
5.  There are no speed limit … go as fast as you like between the speed bumps positioned every quarter mile.
6.  Ignore the yellow and white lines painted in the road … they just needed to use up the extra paint.
7. When making a left turn, close your eyes and go .. Inshallah you will be fine.
8.  If you pass a great parking spot or miss your turn … no worries, throw it in reverse and claim your territory.
9.  Rolling stops are the only acceptable method  ….. if you actually stop you’ll probably get rear-ended.
10. If you think you can’t fit between the cars parked on both sides of the one way road … Go “Egypt skinny” … Pull those mirrors in and make it happen.

Watch out for the donkey carts

 when making a left turn …. inshallah 
we found Carrefour … and two dudes on the same bike

go Egypt skinny!
Did I mention I totally LOVE driving here! (seriously, no sarcasm there)
photo credits go to Julia!
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