I’m just ranting …

Cause I don’t get it.

 I don’t understand how the Egyptian people, the government, all the “departments of” can do this.  They just ignore all this insanely old and important stuff that literally dates back to the beginning of time.   I have now seen almost all of the touristy stuff to see here in my general vicinity of Cairo and most of it is just there.  Remember how I said the pyramids were just sitting’ in the sand?  That seems to be the trend here.  Even the Egyptian Museum, which holds something like a zillion antiquities, (not to mention tons of mummies) is incredibly weak.  There is hardly any information to read about what you see … you have to buy a map to figure out what time period you are looking at.  You can walk around and touch everything.  I probably could have let my kid climb the ancient statues — doubt too many people would have noticed.  Oh wait! There was that one guy who walked by once and asked the kids not to touch.  Oh, and there was a sign stating that “Laser Guns” were not allowed.   (what?!)
 Egypt owns the actual stuff that is written about in history books ALL over the world.  You’d think they would put more effort into showing it off.  I asked the tour guide today why more effort isn’t put in to keeping the mosques restored and clean.  She said there are three departments of the government involved in maintaining the antiquities.  Basically, it comes down to money.  None of the departments want to shell out the big bucks required to hire the pros to keep the 24K gold in the mosque clean.  I guess I kinda get it, but still … it stinks.


I feel better.

So, even if the gold isn’t sparkly and the crystals are covered in dust and the silk carpets are still being walked on, it’s still really impressive.  Really beautiful actually.  And, it’s all there.  Just the way they left it. (plus a few thousand years of wear & tear).  If you get a chance, come see it before it wears out completely.

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