Most people know that during Ramadan the Muslims fast.  No food, No WATER!, No smoking — nothing.  They just sit around and suffer all day.  It’s hot here too …. It has got to be a miserable experience.  Rere told me the purpose of the fast is to teach patience, self-control, & compassion for the hungry & suffering people.  Good on ’em.

So anyhoo …. all day long, they starve and sweat and thirst … but only till sunset.  At sunset the magic happens.  Pretty lights twinkle and the mosque man starts singing from the calling towers and food appears and water and sugary juices and of course, the smokers light up.  It’s called Iftar. Basically, its a feast.  Think Christmas dinner every night for a month.  It’s fun and delicious.

We went to an Iftar feast at a fancy restaurant in Zamalek.  It was trendy and posh with outdoor seating that included low tables, cushy chairs, and couches for feasting.  It was right on the Nile, decorated in the bright colors of Ramadan and had a great atmosphere.  The menu included a bowl of soup, a plate of meat, a plate of rice, several dips, fresh bread, a plate of assorted desserts, two kinds of juice … I’m sure there was more I’m not remembering … it was sooooo much food.  It was delicious.

Thanks Dave and Kat for inviting us along. 🙂

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One thought on “Iftar

  1. Looks awesome!! Glad you're enjoying it there!

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