Happy Holidays!

The Eid al-Fitr began today!  This symbolizes the end of Ramadan and an entire Muslim population breaking their sun-up to sun-down fasting.  For me, this means the population of Cairo will eat and smoke and hydrate and BE NICE … and maybe even work a little harder. 

…….Is it selfish of me to be really happy that Ramadan is over cause I’m pretty sure Ramadan is the reason our van has been in Egypt since July 27, and we still don’t have it in our possession…… Maybe now that the customs officers can eat they will get their work done.  Sheesh.

Back to the point …. The Eid al-Fitr literally translates to “Festivity” & “Breaking of Fast” = Breaking of the Fast Festivity!  As far as the importance of this holiday goes, I get the vibe it’s equal to our Christmas.  They all get new clothes, the children get presents and they all get together and eat and generally act happy.  The Eid holiday lasts for 3 days.  Everybody is off work, stores close down … you know, like Christmas. 

If you are wondering what the kids and I are doing to experience the Eid.  Sadly, the answer is nothing.  Ha.  Rere is off work and I don’t really want to haul the kids out to the Khan or some crazy place to see the happenings.  The hubs is in Jordan living the good life — I think he is going to an Eid feast.  Today we re-organized closets and folded clothes and are getting more and more ready for school to start. 

So, just note, that whatever you are doing today …..In Egypt …. It’s HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  By Tuesday, the whole country will be fat and happy again. 🙂

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