No visas issued today ….

Just in case you were wondering, the US Embassy in Cairo is not issuing visas today.  I seriously doubt they issue any tomorrow either ….

Incase you haven’t heard, READ THIS. …..

Just so you all know, Maadi is quiet and seems unaffected.  Despite the turmoil the American Embassy endured last night, life goes on as normal.  My kids went to school today, my husband went to work, and I went to the commissary & Carrefour. Actually, I drove around alot today and didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary.

I did spend about 3 hours last night following news stories and trying to figure out what was going on.  I kept up with the news all day too.  You need to understand that, in Egypt, demonstrations and protests are common.  They happen weekly, if not daily.  These people have new found freedoms and they like to use them … specifically the freedom to raise hell.  They are like kids who are deprived of candy ….of course, all they want is candy.  The thing about this protest is… it was targeted at the US Embassy.  They were mad at us (Americans) … really mad.

They were mad (according to the news reports) because a few Americans made a movie portraying The Prophet Mohammad as a womanizing, homosexual, murderous, glutenous, lying fool.  It wasn’t nice of these Americans to say such unkind things, but ….in the end, meanness isn’t against the law .. not in the US anyway.  So … now the Islamist are mad at the US government because of something a few citizen of the country did.  Seriously — It’s a mess.

But … I have complete confidence in the Marine Guard at the US Embassy.  I happen to be good friends with an RSO’s wife.  (oops … there I go talking in “alphabet”  …. RSO = regional security officer) They are all smart and really good at their jobs.  They are on top of the situation —  I’m sure of it.  They are keeping embassy personnel safe and guarding our compound.  I’m alert — I’m aware — I’m not being naive, but — I’m fine — We are all fine.  Hopefully this thing will all blow over before the weekend and we can go about our business.  Inshaallah.

Keeps us in your thoughts and prayers, but please know …. We are all just fine and going about life as normal.

BTW — Thanks for all the kind notes of concern … I feel loved. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “No visas issued today ….

  1. so the no visa’s being issued thing…..does that mean i can’t come visit? i’m not afraid of a little hell being raised.

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