So, what now …

Now, we carry on.

My kids went to school this morning.  My husband went to work.  I did a quick workout and picked up the house a bit.  Truth be told, our life wasn’t really disrupted during the riots at the Embassy.   It would be wrong of me to overlook the fact that there were many who were affected — mostly the Marine Guard force and the security officers — & their families who waited at home while they guarded the Embassy.  But, as far as my little family goes, we were safe and sound thanks to those who were willing to serve to protect our interests.  Isn’t that the way it always goes for us Americans.   We often hear the phrase “freedom isn’t free” …. well, sometimes, neither is your security.


I still love Egypt.  I want to stay.  I’m still not scared.


I’m horrified and saddened by the events in Libya and Tunisia and around the Middle East.  It was senseless and unreasonable and …. why do people have to die over …..what? … I’m not even sure.  It’s just awful.  It’s not right and It’s not fair …. but it is.


I now see how quickly things can change around here  …..  How emotions and hard times can cause people to be unreasonable and irrational.  I think the rioters were merely pawns in a much bigger game being played around the world.  The Middle East — although it has been around since the beginning of time — still seems to have trouble defining who it is and what it wants.


I found this article very interesting You should really read it ….. Peter Hessler writes exactly what I imagine the atmosphere and attitudes of the Cairo protesters to be.  There was one quote that just amazed me … this 18 yr old protester said “The United States says that they are the strongest country in the world, but they can’t stop this movie. How can that be true? They should either stop the movie, or they should stop saying they are the strongest country in the world.” Wow.  It’s almost sad.  Does he really think our “country” is going to stop this movie or that it’s somehow responsible for it? Obviously, he has no idea what it really means to have freedom of speech.


When we lived in Monterey, Ca we met many international students attending the Naval Post Grad School programs. I once asked some German friends we made “So, which do you like better …. US or Germany?”  Her answer was very telling ….. She replied ” I think living in another country makes you appreciate all the great things about your country, but …you also begin to realize what your country probably needs to change.”  Simple enough, but very true.  So, today I fully understand what freedoms our first amendment rights grant us and what an amazing thing that is …. but, I also think we need to open our eyes to the fact that most people truly don’t understand that.


And just so we are all clear …… the Marines really did have ammo in their guns …..


Carry on ….

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